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Guns For Sale 


A set of blued Taylor Runnin’ Irons with a plain (can be upgraded) gunbelt and set of holsters  – same top quality leather, fully lined with sight locks.  $1,465.00

Rockwell Saddles is now a federally licensed firearms dealer.  We offer a complete line of mounted shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns. 

We try to keep these guns in stock, but, due to the short supply of firearms in the current market situation, please call or text to see what's available. 
We also have an assortment of used guns for sale.
541-473-4183 Home 
208-739-2507 Cell


Rockwell Saddles does not accept credit cards or use PayPal.  You will need to send us a cashiers check for the purchase amount.  Federal law requires us to transfer the guns through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer in your state.  Your FFL will need to email a copy of their license to us, they should be familiar with this procedure.

We will ship your guns immediately ~ thanks!


Del-Ton M - 4 Carbine, 5.56 - 223 Cal. $675
30 round Magazine $15

Carrying Handle Sight $30

Ruger Montados, stainless steel, 3.75" barrel "$1,575 for a pair, $1,675 with a basic action job.

Ruger New Vaquero, stainless steel, 4 5/8” barrels $1,230 for a set.


Ruger Talos 5153, Special Edition, blued with birdshead grips - $1,390 for a pair.


Ruger Talos 5151, Special Edition, stainless steel with birdshead grips – $1,400 for a pair.


Taylor Short Strokes case hardened and mounted shooter ready. $1,350 for a pair.

Taylor Runnin' Irons, stainless steel, 3 1/2" barrel, $1350.  With a basic mounted shooting action job $1,450.

Taylor Black Rock Runnin’ Irons.  These pistols have a special coating that makes them easier to clean and black powder resistant. They come with an action job and are mounted shooting ready $1,330 for a pair.

Taylor Runnin' Irons, blued, 3 1/2" barrel, $1,115 for a pair.  With a basic mounted shooting action job $1,215 for a pair.



Cimarron 410 deluxe Shotguns, single trigger.  $525



    *Prices subject to change


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