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Shooter Chick Cinches

 "Shooter Chick Cinches" are made with 100% Mohair.  Mohair is light, durable & has wicking properties that carry moisture & sweat away from your horse, giving your horse a more comfortable & enjoyable ride.  

Our cinches are hand tied.  We make 17 or 19 strand straight cinches and 24 strand roper cinches.  Standard lengths are 28", 30", 32", 34" & 36", but we can make them smaller or larger.  Plus we can make cinches for your pack saddle. 

* Straight or Roper Cinch - Natural - $95

* Straight or Roper Cinch - 1 Color - $105

* Straight or Roper Cinch - 2 Colors - $115


We have a variety of fun & funky dyes to make some jazzy cinches!  Some of the colors we have are:  turquoise, hot pink, lime green, teal, burgundy, purple, red, forest green, red, orange & blue.





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